Nex Flow-Air Products

Energy Efficient Blow-off Products

Nex Flow™ Energy Efficient Blow-off products also reduce noise, enhance factory safety and improve blow-off, cooling and venting applications.

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Vortex Tube and Industrial Spot Cooling

Vortex tube and Industrial Spot Cooling Systems systems are a very specialized technology of which there are many suppliers but very few who really understand it.

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Air Operated Conveyors

Compressed Air Operated conveyors utilize the venturi principle to create a high vacuum for conveying solid material as well as fumes and gasses over a large distance.

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Compressed Air Optimization Products

Compressed air is a useful but costly utility and optimizing its use should be a priority for any manufacturing operations.

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Static Control Products

Static control involves the use of static elimination devices (ionizers) to eliminate the static charge on a charged surface.  There are several different types of static elimination systems but the ones used most often in industry, and used with Nex Flow air amplification products are AC ionizers.

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Compressed Air Accessories

Nex Flowmanufactures and specializes in products for compressed air blow off, drying, cleaning, cooling, and moving.  We also provide technology for compressed air optimization – on/off control, noise monitoring, flow measurement, and leak detection.

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