Pneumatic Products

A very complete range of pneumatic products: Air cylinder, Gripper, Rotary cylinder, Rodless cylinder, Solenoid valve, Mechanical valve, Air pilot valve, F.R.L, Fitting, Tubing, Speed controller, Silencer, Vacuum, Shock absorber, Customized cylinder, pneumatic systems, etc. Every solutions that you need.

Hydraulic products

A very complete range of hydraulic products: Tie-rod hydraulic cylinder, Welded hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, vane pump, piston pump, solenoid valve, relief valve, proportional valve, pressure switch, pressure gauges, strainer, filter, hydraulic motor, electric motor, hydraulic power unit, coupling, unipump, and customize hydraulic power unit, etc.

Kobe Controls - Control Valves

A Quality Product of PT Dycom Engineering.
Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator, Ball Valves, Limit Switch.

Linear Motion / Ball Screw

Automation Products for automate your machines.
Leading in this field, precision is our advantage, our service is yours 

Process Valve from SMS Tork

Complete Range of process valve from SMS Tork, Turkey - Europe.
Solenoid Valve for General Purpose, High Pressure up to 50bar, High Temperature up to 160 degree Celcius, steam, Fuel oil, Gas, Stainless Steel, explotion proof, Valves for natural gas, Rotary actuator, Pneumatic piston valve, Motorized actuator valve, Pulse valve etc.

Workholding Solutions

Worldwide leader of clamping products from DE-STA-CO, USA. Our quality products such as Standard vertical clamps, Vertical clamps in modular clamps, Standard horizontal clamps, Compact clamps, Straight-line action clamps, Pull action latch clamps, Squeeze action plier clamps, Vertical cylinder, Pneumatics clamping, Automation grippers, End effectors and tool changers, RQC series - Modular tool changers, Indexers and Precision link conveyors

Oil Filtration Products

"Recycle, Reuse, Reduce" are our philosophy of Triple R - the specialist in Oil Filtration from Japan.
Removal of solid particles, water, sludge and oil degradation. All-in-one.
Triple R oil cleaners were the first to allow 'total cleaning' of industrial hydraulic oil and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity by removing everything from solid Particles to water to sludge and oil oxidation residues.Not only about business, to keep our environment GREEN is all our responsibilities!

Please visit for much more information and details.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Heavy duty refrigerated air dryer.  A complete range from smallest nominal flow volume 0.6 m3/min up to 73.0 m3/min. Ostwind refrigerated air dryer use environment friendly refrigerant R407C. Made from selected high quality materials, high quality compressor, best pressure switch, etc only to ensure the lifetime of Ostwind - Refrigerated air dryer. Designed for heavy duty and long life time.

Raw Material

Precision shafts and bars for linear motion and hydraulic systems.
Ensuring the highest grade of product performance and innovation to meet cutomer's need and expectation.

Dock Leveler

Heavy Duty Dock Leveler for logistic warehouse

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