Pneumatic Products

A very complete range of pneumatic products: Air cylinder, Gripper, Rotary cylinder, Rodless cylinder, Solenoid valve, Mechanical valve, Air pilot valve, F.R.L, Fitting, Tubing, Speed controller, Silencer, Vacuum, Shock absorber, Customized cylinder, pneumatic systems, etc. Every solutions that you need.

Hydraulic products

A very complete range of hydraulic products: Tie-rod hydraulic cylinder, Welded hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, vane pump, piston pump, solenoid valve, relief valve, proportional valve, pressure switch, pressure gauges, strainer, filter, hydraulic motor, electric motor, hydraulic power unit, coupling, unipump, and customize hydraulic power unit, etc.

Factory Automation

Range of quality products for Factories automation such as Ball Screws, Linear Guideways, Sensors, Clamping, etc

Process Automation

Wide range of Products for process automation such as Butterfly valves, Rotary Actuator, Ball Valves, Solenoid Valves, etc.

Material Handling Equiments

Find out our heavy Duty Material Handling Equipments to get you more efficients

Raw Material

Precision shafts and bars for linear motion and hydraulic systems.
Ensuring the highest grade of product performance and innovation to meet cutomer's need and expectation.

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