DE-STA-CO Clamping

02 Januari 2013

DE-STA-CO is a vibrant company with a history of providing manufacturing productivity solutions to customers worldwide. A pioneering manufacturer of innovative material handling tools for any application, DE-STA-CO focuses steadfastly on customers’ needs, consistently offering industry-leading products for streamlining manufacturing processes.

As a result, DE-STA-CO is now the worldwide leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring, indexing and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and automation needs.

DE-STA-CO growth is a direct result of our commitment to using our global resources to serve customers of all sizes on a local, one-on-one basis.

Today’s manufacturing challenges are tougher than ever. Regardless of your application, DE-STA-CO offers workholding and automation solutions to meet your needs.

DE-STA-CO is a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, a world-wide, diversified manufacturer of industrial products. The goal of Dover Corporation is to be the leader in all markets served, to the benefit of customers and shareholders.



DE-STA-CO , a Dover Company, was founded in 1915. In 1936, the company designed and manufactured the first manual toggle clamp.

Innovations, quality and acquisitions have made DE-STA-CO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs.

The family of brands has enabled DE-STA-CO to establish leading productivity improvement and cost-reduction manufacturing solutions for our customers using the breadth of products and value-added services we offer.

Our customer base covers a wide range of industries requiring a global customer service network offering consistent solutions and program support. With more than 88 years of experience, DE-STA-CO brings a philosophy of quality unsurpassed by its counterparts.

Superior consultation, innovation, engineering, service and distribution sustain DE-STA-CO leadership in its industry, with the ultimate result being that we have become your preferred provider of best-in-class partnership and service for you, our Distributors and Customers!


1915 William H. Roberts founds Detroit Stamping Company, providing contract stamping to the rapidly growing automotive industry

1936 Detroit Stamping Company invents and patents the world’s first manual toggle clamp

1954 Detroit Stamping Company begins international expansion

1958 Detroit Stamping Company opens first office in Germany

1962 Dover Corporation acquires Detroit Stamping Company and changes its name to DE-STA-CO

1983 DE-STA-CO expands to the Asian market by opening a manufacturing facility in Thailand

1996 DE-STA-CO acquires Robohand, the first step toward providing complete automation solutions

1997 DE-STA-CO acquires EOA Systems, an innovative maker of robotic accessories

1998 DE-STA-CO acquires CCMOP, a French company and leading manufacturer of robotic peripherals

1999 DE-STA-CO acquires EMA, a Brazilian company and South America’s leading manufacturer of manual clamps

2001 DE-STA-CO acquires CPI Products, a Plymouth, Michigan-based manufacturer of end-effector systems

2004 DE-STA-CO expands its global presence with new facilities in Shanghai, China

2007 DE-STA-CO establishes new state-of-the-art headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan

2007 DE-STA-CO acquires IMC, including CAMCO and FERGUSON brands

2007 DE-STA-CO establishes manufacturing facility in Pune, India

2008 Central Research Laboratories (CRL) joins Team DE-STA-CO



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