Pneumatics Hose

Polyamide (PA11, PA12, PA10.12)

Application for Automotive standard, High pressure up to 32bar.
Available in our stocks: with colour Natural (white) and black, from size: 6x4mm, 8x6mm, 10x8mm, 12x10mm, 14x11mm, 16x12mm.
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Polyethylene (PE) Low Density Tube

Application for general use, automation use, specific water management, such water dispenser, reverse osmosis etc
Available in our stock: colour natural (white) and black
size available: 4x2mm, 6x4mm, 8x6mm, 10x8mm, 12x9mm
General Characteristic

Polyurethane Tubing (PU tube)

Application for Pneumatic / Automation, General industry, robotic, etc
Available in our stock with colour:  black, blue, orange, clear transparent
Size available: 4x2.5mm, 6x4mm, 8x5mm, 8x6mm, 10x6.5mm, 12x8mm, 14x9mm, 16x13mm
Any others colour, please consult to us !
General Characteristic

Nylon Tube (PA6)

Application for General use, Automation use etc
Availaible in our stock with colour:  natural (white) and black.
size available: 4x2.5mm, 6x4mm, 8x6mm, 10x7.5mm, 12x9mm etc
General Characteristic